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The truth is, waist trainers, waist cinchers, butt-lifts can never be over emphasized.

The truth is, waist trainers, waist cinchers, butt-lifts can never be over emphasized. Here is another letter from one of our happy customers. As usual, we changed the names. Enjoy;

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Dear Shapeyou,

I have always hated waist trainers, body magic and all those other stuffs people use to make themselves look better.

I always believed my tummy would go down somehow (I try to exercise once in a while). I was comfortable with this thought until two weeks ago when my boyfriend’s mum celebrated her 50th birthday. My boyfriend and I have dated for two years. And in those two years, my boyfriend has never complained about my tummy except one time he joked about it when I was at his house. We had just had lunch and three hours after my tummy was still bulging out. We laughed over it and that was it. This certain day, after the party, my boyfriend and I were sitting outside. I open up LIB and saw one of your posts. I immediately start to criticize those that wear waist trainers or body shapers and the men who allow them wear it. I kept talking and talking. I noticed my boyfriend wasn’t saying anything. ‘Wasn’t he paying attention?’ I asked myself. Chike say something naa or what do you think?. ‘I think you should get one’. His words shocked me. I didn’t say anything. He noticed I was upset, he then held me close and asked me; ‘how long have you been trying to work on your tummy?’ I was still quiet.’ Annie, it is a trainer isn’t it? A waist trainer. You should waist train. There’s nothing wrong in it. I don’t see anything wrong with it’. I asked him what he meant and if he was indirectly trying to insult me. It doesn’t change who you are’, he replies me ‘it only helps you get the body you desire. If it makes you feel better about yourself and gives your body a defined shape, what are you waiting for? It’s like growing hair, he continued nobody says short hair is bad but if you can grow a long hair, does it make you a different person? We should get you one of those and you can continue with your exercising too’.

For the first time, I understand what you shapeyou people mean. I read all your posts again and I fully understand. Maybe I was being too conservative or too judgmental but now I fully understand.

I have started waist training and I’m happy but most importantly, I’m proud of myself. With good exercising, a healthy lifestyle and waist training, I’m loving my body now. I had thought I didn’t care but now, I do care. Not just for me but also for my man. It doesn’t change who I am but I’m loving the results.

Can’t wait for the long term results!

Thank you shapeyou people.

Remember, our products do not rule out a healthy lifestyle, we help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle together with achieving the desired shape you want. So, eat right, drink lots of water and start thinking of getting one our products!

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