Waist Training 101 - Maintenance

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It is very important to clean and maintain the life of your waist trainer, to prolong its longevity, strength and effectiveness. However, going about it the wrong way can ruin the waist trainer altogether. So here are the ways to care for and maintain your waist trainer, depending on the type you’ve purchased;

1.Please note that for all waist trainers, it is important to ease it in. DO NOT WEAR IT AT THE LAST HOOK IMMEDIATELY YOU START WAIST TRAINING, OTHERWISE YOU WILL RUIN YOUR WAIST TRAINER. You should start from the first hook, wearing it a few hours a day, adding an hour each day till you can wear it all day. You can move on to the last hook, after a week or two of wearing it on the first and second hooks respectively.


2.To clean your Lydia Waist Trainer, simply hand wash lightly in a cold water, disinfectant detergent mix. Wash weekly or every two weeks if you wear it every day, and air dry.

3.To clean your Kim Waist Training Corset, simply wipe clean with a towel and cold water, disinfectant, and detergent mix. Wiping has the same effect as hand washing if done properly, and it is gentler on your product, preserving its efficacy while keeping it clean. Air dry after wiping. Clean weekly or every two weeks if you wear it every day.

4.Wipe your Kim Latex Waist Cincher clean using a cold water, disinfectant and detergent mix and a clean napkin. Do this weekly or bi-weekly if you wear it every day. Don’t forget to air dry.

5.The 6 six hook very aggressive waist trainer and the Becca waist cincher can be hand washed lightly with cold water, disinfectant and detergent, and air dried. Do so weekly or every two weeks.

6.Never use hot or warm water to clean your waist trainer as it could weaken the product. The disinfectant is a very important part of cleaning, to kill the germs that have amassed on the product after sweating and constricting your midriff for a week or more. Air dry your waist trainer after every use to prevent odor or mildew on the product.

Please comment below if you have any questions. Happy Waist Training!


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