3 pieces premium body wrap

3 pieces premium body wrap

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Size:About 43inch x 10inch or 109cm x 26cm (Re-usable). Lose inches fast by creating a sauna-like effect to sweat it off. The body wrap can be worn discreetly under clothes, during exercise workouts or while sleeping. The Super-elastic PVC material aids tightness It is recommended to add a "Waist Cincher" over it. This item works great for that special dress that's just a little too tight, for a day on the beach when you need to look your best for that bikini moment, or wedding or that special event.


  1. Measure your waist circumference. Locate the top of your hip bones and place a measuring tape around your waist at this height. Write down how many inches your waist measures.
  2. Take a warm shower to open up the pores on your stomach. Dry your body with a towel.
  3. Drink water before applying your wrap -- to promote flushing of toxins from the body -- and also drink water while you are wearing the wrap to avoid dehydration.
  4. To double the results, rub a thin layer of gel, lotion or essential oil over the area to be wrapped. The active ingredient in the ointments constricts blood vessels making excess water leave the skin.
  5. Wrap the plastic cling-wrap around your waist, over the area of your stomach that you covered in gel. Avoid wrapping the plastic too tight -- because you don't want to restrict circulation. The plastic wrap will create a thermal effect that causes your stomach to perspire.
  6. The wrap can be worn anytime, longer is better for more results, or overnight at a convenient time, so it can work while you are sleeping. You can wear it while in a sauna or during an exercise workout too.
  7. Remove the wrap and take a shower to help remove any gel/lotion residue. Your stomach would be smoother and tighter. Measure the circumference of your waist to see how many inches you have lost!. Clean it off and it is reusable again!

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