Slimming Coffee

Slimming Coffee

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Shape You Slimming Coffee is an organic weight loss beverage. The coffee is made with natural ingredients like Brazilian black Coffee, amino acids like L-Carnitine, and fortified with important vitamins like C and E. It is a 14-day weight loss coffee that burns body fat by converting fat and calories into energy. Slimming coffee contains the finest ingredients that combines the flavour and aroma of regular coffee with weight loss enhancing properties. 

  • ·         Aids weight loss by burning excess fat and calories, converting them into energy
  • ·         It helps to repress appetite
  • ·         Great source of antioxidants

Shape You Slimming Coffee works effectively without having any side effects.

INGREDIENTS: Brazilian black coffee, L-Carnitine, Calcium Hydroxy, Citric acid, Dietary fibre extracts, Vegetable cuttings, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: One sachet daily, morning or evening.

*Not suitable for children and pregnant women

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